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In times of career exploration, optimism and stress collide. While this turning point is an expected part of life, those in the thick of it are often struck by the level of perseverance and courage demanded. Many are amazed by how much has changed since their last job search. If you are or have been…

  • Finding yourself in a mid-to-latter career employment transition
  • Feeling disconnected from your role or undervalued in your workplace
  • Seeking alternatives without progress or receiving interviews without offers

…and now you’re ready to invest in your own success, you’ve come to the right place.

Our mission is to fuel the job search that connects you to your professional calling

We will meet you where you are in the career development process, identify your true desires in vocational transition and cultivate your self-worth, growth and independence. I will personally tailor services that strengthen your self-sufficiency and enhance your perspective. Together we’ll create a safe space for you to imagine and explore possibilities and then strategically target roles that honor your purpose, balance and your use of favorite skills within the world of work.

Clients nationwide are served through telephone, messaging and video conference formats from an office based in Central Ohio. Those interested in learning more are encouraged to fill out a brief questionnaire resulting in a free 30-minute consultation call to discuss goals and how we might collaborate in navigating opportunities and challenges across the career trajectory.


For the last two decades my work in both professional and volunteer realms has focused on helping others identify the common threads that connect their life experiences, effectively communicate their stories and then plan for their next chapter. I've had the honor to give hundreds of career development presentations, design and instruct college courses in career development as well as service-learning and tailor services to thousands of clients through individual consultations. My approach is shaped by roles focused on life/work integration in university, nonprofit, outplacement and business ownership settings.

Beginning with recognition of each client’s gifts, I collaborate with those in career transition who seek to discern vocational identity and fulfill personal potential. I offer services that produce results for professionals across a range of industries, employment levels and backgrounds, supporting their progression from workforce (re-)entry to (semi-)retirement and all that can be achieved in between. I hold credentials as a Certified Professional Career Coach, Certified Employment Interview Professional, Certified Professional Résumé Writer, Certified DISCstyles™ Communication Consultant and I'm an Authorized DISC Administrator and Behavioral Consultant. I completed a graduate degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs and a year of graduate-level study in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling.

Why "Vocatus"?

"Vocatus” is Latin for urgent call or summon and is the root of "voice" and "vocation." Your vocation (calling) will, and rightly should, vary throughout life. Transitions in mid to late career, no matter the cause, present the opportunity to reevaluate your interest, skill and value alignment with prospective employment opportunities. Vocatus Collaborative, a career development and job transition consultancy firm, was established in 2018 to offer accessible, quality support to professionals who aim to improve their impact. We offer resources that inform and ease transition in job or industry, addition of leadership or service opportunities and career relaunch from work breaks.


Natalie Karen Fike

Natalie Karen Fike



Career coaching offers an unbiased sounding board, accountability, motivation, structure and guidance to support achievement of your ambitions with increased efficiency. As your coach I aim to release your internal drives, then step out of the way so your goals may be realized. I will empower your self-discovery, clarify vocational options, amplify brand messaging, tap into the hidden job market, maximize readiness for workforce re-entry, promote development of skills that increase job satisfaction and sift through media noise about career tips and tricks to design and shed light on valuable resources.

The target is yours to define. Together, we will set realistic yet challenging action steps and discover pathways to progress that are personalized to your needs and mission. Prepare to identify blind spots, remove obstacles, rehearse techniques, refine messaging, connect with relevant tools and networks and adjust mindset in ways that promote growth. Success may be realized when you approach coaching with an openness to ideas, ability to accept constructive feedback and willingness to replace self-defeating behaviors and internal dialogue with strategic thoughts and actions that move you toward the objectives that unfold over the course of our collaboration.

Your career transition is a process, not an event. It takes work but you don’t have to do it alone!

Here's an overview of how we, in partnership, will make it happen. Based upon individual needs and the length of your coaching program, topics may include:

  • Interpretation of assessments selected in accordance with your career planning goals
  • Education on networking best practices and industry research
  • Review of your résumé or CV, with guidance in formatting, content and tailoring
  • Optimization of your LinkedIn profile and assistance in platform navigation
  • Formatting of and feedback on cover letters, thank you notes, portfolio and reference materials
  • Personalization of job search campaign strategies for in and out-of-state opportunities
  • Preparation for and practice of interviewing and salary negotiation
  • Discussion of onboarding strategies for successful integration into your next employment opportunity

You will receive email communication for the duration of your coaching package to address just-in-time needs, written resources on topics of interest for reference beyond coaching sessions and empowering assignments (for both client and coach) that support your progress between meetings. We also offer the added value of a tangible report that indicates your behavioral strengths for optimum performance, providing a winning edge not only for marketing materials, but also for interview strategy, branding, social networking and continued professional development efforts. Your report identifies the value you bring to a given environment, motivators, behavior under stress and will support the development of effective communication plans.

All prospective clients have access to a free 30-minute consultation call upon completion of a brief application. If you are a match for services offered through Vocatus Collaborative, we will work together to design a plan that best suits your needs. The vast majority of clients begin with a package of four to eight sessions held weekly. Services may continue through a monthly retainer on a reduced meeting schedule upon package completion to provide on-going support.


Current and past clients, click to access membership services and resources


I don't know the full scope yet but after the initial phone consultation with Natalie, I felt so much better. I hadn't realized how hopeless I'd been feeling about job searching. From the first time we spoke, I felt that she really knew what she was doing and after the four-session package, I know I was right. She has helped me so much with figuring out what exactly I am looking for and how to articulate my thoughts. She's been a godsend. She's very insightful and really makes you think. My first interview since meeting Natalie is next week - I think I'm going to ace it!
I wanted to thank you again for your guidance and help…After a thorough interview process with the team, they extended a strong offer last week that I accepted on Monday! I am thrilled to be joining them later this month…I truly cannot thank you enough for your support and sharing your expertise with me. It made a world of difference and helped shape how I positioned myself in the market for new opportunities.
You are the one person who I feel has listened and 'gets' me in this job journey…Can’t thank you enough for the blessing of your time and kindness…The support is precious beyond mere words. [They] just came through with a FT job offer yesterday!
I’m feeling very hopeful now…I so appreciate your observations as a good listener who is able to speak frankly. We are at the end of this journey and I have the offer…Natalie, your skills, professionalism and your kindness helped get me through these last months…I will never forget you.
Before our weekly conversations I sometimes wonder what to ask, but I find each time this process really adds value. I want to thank you for that…[It] helps me keep my thoughts organized and keep momentum.
Every time we have a conversation, I walk away with a new and different strategy…You have been truly exceptional, gone above and beyond and really kept me sane through this process. I’m taking this final call from my new office…I’ve got the title that I always wanted and much improved benefits…My success is your success. Celebrate with me.
Your powerful synthesis of our conversations never ceases to amaze me. Your writing is unique and captivating to read…love that [the hiring process] was so quick. I am very happy and proud.
Received the good news last night—the background check is clear and I officially start…What a ride! When I reflect on this effort, the one constant has been your support and encouragement. This took a small village and we can now celebrate our partnership and its power.
[The assessment process] helped clarify me and what types of jobs I should explore. Natalie helped push me forward! I appreciate the timeliness of meetings and the associated homework assignments…Being held accountable was very important.
They did come back with a revised offer Friday afternoon…I want to thank you for all of your help, guidance and support during this process…helping me navigate the application processes, interviews, and getting my narrative together…I think I'm definitely better off having gone through it.
I am truly grateful to have you in my corner!!!…You have had all the right words and helped me tie a bow around each step of the process. You have communicated and followed through the right way. I can’t thank you enough for the detail orientation offered in my resume process.
I wanted to thank you so much for all your help with my career change. Even though it was an unexpected bump in the road, with all your tips and advice, I was able to find a job that I absolutely enjoy…Thank you so much Natalie!